This page describes the Babylon roadmap.

Product Roadmap

You can see the board with the most requested features here:

Team Alpha (May 2021)

The protocol was deployed on mainnet and the application was available for the team to test and iterate based on feedback.

There were no $BABL rewards enabled.

Litepaper was released.

First security audit by Red4Sec was completed.

Private Alpha (May - June 2021)

The Babylon team and seed investors continued to battle-test the protocol, gather feedback, and iterate.

There were no $BABL rewards enabled.

Settlers Beta (June 2021 - Dec 2021)

Settlers are invited to create and join the first investment communities (called “Gardens”) in our private beta, similar to how settlers in ancient Babylon established a small village that grew into a bustling civilization.

You can read more details in the full announcement.

BABL Mining rewards are scheduled to start on October 17th 2021.

Undergoing two more security audits.

Public Launch V1 (March 2022)

After subsequent security audits and once the protocol and the community are robust enough, Babylon will launch publicly and open source the smart contracts.

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