This page explains the common terms used in Babylon.
  • Babylon.finance - Community-led asset management protocol. Create gardens and invest in DeFi together.
  • Gardens - Investment communities in Babylon. Garden members can deposit capital, suggest Strategies, vote on Strategies, and earn rewards.
  • $BABL - ERC-20 governance token that controls the protocol parameters and treasury. The majority of $BABL is reserved for community distributions.
  • Prophets - 2592 NFTs that provide utility within Babylon Finance. The prophets were distributed during the arrival event.
  • Garden Token - ERC-20 tokens that represents a member's ownership in a Garden. Members receive Garden Tokens in exchange for depositing capital into a Garden.
  • Integration - DeFi protocol that Babylon integrates with.
  • Strategy - An investment that contains one or multiple DeFi operations along with parameters like expected return and duration. e.g lending, borrowing, adding liquidity...
  • Candidate Strategy - Strategy that has been submitted but has not received enough votes to be activated yet.
  • Active Strategy - Strategy that received Garden capital and deployed it to different DeFi protocols.
  • Completed Strategy - Strategy that completed its DeFi operations and has returned capital to the Garden.
  • Strategist - Garden member who submits a Strategy.
  • Voter - Garden member who votes on a Strategy.
  • Member - Anyone who deposits capital into a Garden.
  • Garden Creator - Anyone who creates a Garden.