This page describes the participants in Babylon and their roles.

Individuals become Garden members by depositing capital and receiving an ERC-20 token representing their membership in the Garden.

Any user can create and bootstrap a Garden. Once a Garden is created, there are three implicit roles that can be assumed and they are open to Garden members who have the necessary permissions. Gardeners set and manage permissions for all members of their Garden.

🌱 Gardener

The Gardener (creator of the Garden) is responsible for setting the thesis of the Garden, defining asset and protocol constraints, and paying the initial gas fees necessary to create the Garden. Their goal is to build and grow an effective investment community. To encourage active participation, the Gardener receives a bonus on the rewards he/she would receive as a Strategist, Curator, and/or LP in the Garden.

🧧 LP

This is the default role of participants that contribute capital to a Garden. Over time LPs receive rewards relative to their fractional position of capital in the Garden.

📰 Voter

This role is assumed by members who want to vote on candidate Strategies and receive rewards. By voting on Strategies, Voters decide which Strategies become active.

🧠 Strategist

Strategists submit candidate Strategies to the Garden and are rewarded for successful investments. Strategists take on additional risk in exchange for much greater opportunity in rewards by staking some of their Garden Tokens as part of a Strategy submission.

Table of Participants and Rewards


Value they provide


Max Returns

LP / member


Signal on Communities.

Alpha, potential returns that beat the index

Profit rewards are determined by the Garden



Alpha generation

10% BABL rewards

Profit rewards are determined by the Garden


Signal on Strategies

10% BABL rewards

Profit rewards are determined by the Garden


Community Bootstrapping.

Investment Thesis.

1.10x Rewards Bonus

Profit rewards are determined by the Garden


Execute Strategies when they reach quorum.

Finalize Strategies when their duration ends.

Rebalance capital from the community to the active Strategies when necessary

Gas Fees

None initially. The founding team will run them at cost.


During Beta, granting permission to access it is managed by the Babylon team. After Beta, anyone will be able to create a Garden.

All other permissions, including the ability to deposit into a private Garden, submit Strategies, and/or vote on Strategies, are managed by the Gardener for their Garden.

The first Settlers of Babylon needed to have a single Ishtar Gate NFT in their wallet to access the beta. This NFT proves they were one of the first 300 Settlers.

For more information, see this blog post.

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