Gas Optimizations

The protocol offers many advantages to users regarding gas costs.

At, our core mission is to help people accumulate wealth through community-led funds on DeFi.

We believe crypto is a new asset class that will overperform any other asset during the next two decades. Therefore we believe that DeFi needs to be more accessible so more people can have the opportunity to create wealth.

As the price of ETH and ETH gas costs have increased, many people have been priced out of DeFi.

We have been working hard to offer several gas benefits to our users:

  • First of all, Gardens allow members to share the execution costs of a strategy. For example, if you have a garden with a strategy to buy the token UNI and there are a hundred members, you only need to execute one swap instead of one hundred.

  • Secondly, we developed some wizardry to allow you to deposit in gardens via signature. Signature deposits reduce gas costs by 60% and the best part is that you don't even need ETH.

  • Thirdly, the strategist can set a max gas fee % per strategy. The keeper will only execute and finalize strategies when it is capital efficient to do so.

  • Finally, gardens and the treasury of the protocol are subsidizing deposits. If you deposit when the gas price is below 125 gwei, your deposit will be free. If the gas price is below 500 gwei, you will get a 25-50% discount on the deposit.

Learn more about gasless deposits here.

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