This page provides a list of DeFi Protocols that Babylon integrates with.

Each Garden will be able to choose where to deploy their capital and which protocols to use. We hope to enable visionary Strategists by providing a rich set of integrations and balanced incentives for both Strategists and LPs. We see the space as a positive-sum game and it’s our goal to provide as much liquidity to the ecosystem as we can.

Babylon integrates with the following DeFi protocols:

Wishlist πŸ’°

The following integrations are on our wishlist. Thanks to our SDK, anyone can build Custom Integrations with our protocol. The first person that successfully completes each of these integrations and follows the process outlined on that page, will receive up to $5k in developer bounties paid in (BABL).

  • BadgerDAO (Investing in Sett vaults)

  • Balancer V2

  • Bancor V3

  • PoolTogether

  • Abracadabra

  • Alpha Homora V2

  • Liquity (Lend & Borrow)

  • Maple Finance (Deposit in Pools)

  • Centrifuge

  • Idle Finance

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