5. Buying BABL Tokens:

Learn how to buy BABL tokens on Uniswap

Step 1: Start on the https://www.babylon.finance/ landing page.

Step 2: Click the BABL token price at the top of the page.

Step 3: You will be redirected to the Uniswap info page for BABL. Here you can see BABL liquidity, pools, swap history, volume, etc. Click the Trade button to be redirected to Uniswap's dapp.

Step 4: When you arrive at Uniswap, you will notice it auto fills the "Swap From" field with BABL. We want to press the arrow button in the middle of the UI to change this to "Swap To," since we are trying to buy BABL with another currency like ETH.

Step 5: Now you need to select the token you wish to "Swap From" into BABL. In this example, we are going to be buying BABL with ETH. When you press the "Select a token" button, ETH will show up as the first item on the list.

Step 6: Now you can input how many BABL tokens you would like to buy, or you can input how many Ether tokens you wish to sell/trade for BABL. For our example, we will be buying 30 BABL.

Step 7: When you press the Swap button, you will get a Metamask pop-up asking you to confirm that the swap information is correct. Check to make sure the gas estimation and the total transaction costs are in line with your expectations from Step 6, and press Confirm. If you have a hardware wallet, follow the prompts on your machine to confirm the transaction.

Step 8: Wait for your transaction to be confirmed. You will notice a small Uniswap pop-up informing you if your swap was successful or not. One of the reasons it may return unsuccessful is if the price of BABL changed since the time you placed your order and the time it was processed. If you get a confirmation like the one below, your swap was a success!

Check out the next user guide to learn how to stake your BABL tokens and participate in revenue sharing with the platform.

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