4. Growing Your Garden:

“Wealth, like a tree, grows from a tiny seed."

Now that you are invested in a community garden, it's time to leverage your strengths as a community to grow your wealth together. If you have created your own garden, hop into our Discord and share your creation with the community in the #garden-pitches channel.

Babylon was designed with an investment club mentality in mind, meaning all users can (and are incentivized to) participate in the decision making process. In Babylon, a minimum of 1% of the profits created through a strategy are shared with those who voted on that particular strategy. In addition to this, a strategist can earn up to 14% of the profit share for proposing and deploying profitable strategies.

Strategists will stake garden tokens when proposing a strategy, representing their conviction in it's ability to generate profits for voters. Voters who downvote strategies that still get implemented will earn a % of the strategists stake if the strategy lost money when it finalized.

Strategists in Babylon pay for the gas fees to deploy strategies. It's important that their incentives are aligned to generate profits for their garden members at the expense of their time and ETH fees.

Join our Discord and get involved, we're excited to see what kind of unique DeFi strategies you can come up with to grow your wealth together!

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