This page describes the $BABL tokenomics

The $BABL token is the governance token for the Babylon protocol. It ensures that Babylon is owned by its users.

69% of $BABL tokens belong to the community, dynamically rewarding stakeholders for investing, generating ideas, curating plays, and managing communities based on a community’s performance and AUM.

The protocol goal is to have the best investment communities in the digital asset class. The protocol is designed to ensure that all the participants are aligned in their individual motivations to achieve this common goal.

You can read more in our Medium announcement.


1 million $BABL was minted during the token generation event. The max supply is also 1 million. The $BABL is distributed as follows:

  • 69% for the Babylon community members. Most of it will be distributed to Gardeners, Strategists, Stewards, and LPs as part of the BABL Mining Program.

  • 19% Seed investors, partners, and advisors. Three year vesting period.

  • 10% Team members. Four year vesting.

  • 2% Reserved for a future round.

Community Distribution Split

The 690,000 tokens allocated to the community will be split as follows:

  • 500,000 in Participation Mining rewards for the community. They will be awarded to community Creators, Strategists, Stewards, and LPs based on the performance and amount of assets in each Garden.

  • 50,000 reserved for the $BABL liquidity event, The Prophets NFT IDO and additional liquidity mining programs.

  • 140,000 for the protocol treasury to fund new initiatives and pay contributors.



$BABL Participation Rewards Program

BABL Mining Program

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